Traveler’s Quest Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last Updated: May 25, 2018.


Kitty Code, LLC respects your privacy and the purpose for which our players provide us information. Traveler’s Quest is a real-world treasure hunting game and designed to get you out into the world and to accomplish that, we need to collect some data from you and your fellow players to make the game work. Our privacy policy will help you understand what that data is and how we use it and what your options are regarding the game and services.


Make sure to also read the Terms of Service to get a full view of the contract between you and Kitty Code, LLC.


Periodic Policy Changes
Please note that Kitty Code reviews its privacy practices from time-to-time (i.e. to track technology and/or legal changes), and that these practices are subject to change. If a new version of this policy is made available, it will appear in the application when the application is started and within the application settings.

This policy statement is made in the name of Kitty Code, LLC and is effective as of May 25, 2018. This statement does not create an agreement between Kitty Code and users, and as such, does not create any legal rights for any party.


What Information Do We Collect?

When you sign up for an account you provide to us certain Personal Data voluntarily that allows us to run the service and provide the game to you and other users. We utilize that data to authenticate your account and to make sure you can receive the correct version of the services.


In the course of providing these services, the following pieces of information may be provided:

  • Email Address – An email address is utilized in the creation of your user account. This email address may also be collected if you utilize the contact form within the application allowing us to respond to you. An email address is required to utilize functions like resetting your password, editing your account information or deleting your account. We do not use email addresses for marketing purposes.
  • User Account Name – Your user account name is used to represent you to other players within the game and is public. An account name is necessary to authenticate your account and identify you as a user in the game and to the services.
  • IP Address – In the course of connecting to our service, your device will send the request and automatically provide your current IP address. This address is not stored in our database and is only utilized by our web server.
  • User Location – Your current user location is an integral piece of information utilized when playing the game. Because this is a GPS/location-based game, your current location is needed to provide you with the location of nearby players, game items and other data provided by the service. This information is also used to generate new items in the game such as treasures. We do not collect your location when you are not actively participating within the game. Only your last known location is contained as part of your player information. However, when burying, digging, buying or selling a treasure, the current location of the treasure is saved in the treasure’s history, allowing others to see where that treasure has been. We identify your location utilizing the built-in technology provided by your mobile device.
  • Unique Identifier – Each game instance has a unique identifier that helps us maintain the game’s security and integrity.
  • Device Type and Operating System Version – To continue to provide a secure and constantly evolving experience, we collect the device type and operating system version of your device. This helps us keep track of the current devices that our user base is utilizing as well as help us determine which versions of iOS we should maintain and support.
  • Game Center ID – If shared with us, your Game Center ID will be securely transferred and saved in our database as well as on your device. If you decide to remove your Game Center association from the game, it will also be removed from our database. This information is used for the sole purpose of allowing you to quickly and easily login to this service through secure connections to those services, and is not used or transmitted in any other way.


We receive information when you use or interact with the game and services called “log data”. This data is used to provide us with analytics and helps us to learn how the users utilize the game and services. Log data includes IP address, referring URL, and browser type.


How is this Information Used?

We use any information collected by us to provide the services and experiences to you as the player. We may also use such information:

  • To communicate with you and/or respond to your requests, emails or postings.
  • To protect the game and services from cheating or manipulation by users.
  • To personalize your gameplay experience.
  • To create internal tools to make the game better and help us understand how people are using the game.
  • For analytics and data analysis.
  • To enforce our Terms of Service.


Sharing Information With Other Players

In some cases, social aspects of the game necessitate the sharing of account names and player stats with other players to enhance gameplay (player ships, news items, treasure history, etc.).


Does My Information Ever Get Shared or Disclosed?

None of your provided information will be shared with outside or 3rd party companies. Kitty Code, LLC may disclose information when legally compelled to do so; in other words, when we, in good faith, believe that the law requires it or for the protection of our legal rights.

We reserve the right to transfer any collected data in the event that we sell or transfer all or substantially all our business or assets.


How Do I See My Information?

We provide you with the ability to request access to, correction or deletion of your personal information. To request access or correction to your information, email support (contact information found below) with your email address associated with your account and your user account name.


How Long Does My Data Exist?

The Personal Data associated with your user account exists within our system as long as your account is active to enable you to play the game. When we no longer need your Personal Data to comply with any legal obligations, it will be removed from our systems. Any information logged by our web server is kept for a maximum of 60 days.

If you would like to delete your account permanently, email support with your email address associated with your account and your user account name. When an account is deleted, all user data becomes unavailable and you will no longer have access to it within the game. Any user in-game items not in the user’s current possession (including but not limited to buried treasures) will remain in the game and transferred to a random system account and no longer associated with your account in any way so they can remain in play for other users.

Note that backups or archives of our database may contain residual copies of deleted data for up to one year. Please note that individual accounts cannot be restored from these archives.


Our apps, games and services are not intended for children under the age of 13 or anyone under the age of 16 if located in the EEA (European Economic Area). We do not knowingly collect any personal information from such children. Children under the age of 13, or 16 in the EEA, should not use our apps or games at any time. In the event that we learn that we have inadvertently gathered personal information from children under the age of 13, or 16 in the EEA, We will take reasonable measures to promptly erase such information from our records.


Data Security

Information transmitted between you and the game is done in a secure fashion and game data is securely stored. In the event of a data breach, users will be notified within 72 hours of discovery. Data used by the game is hosted, stored and processed on servers within the United States. The data controller of all in-game data is Kitty Code, LLC and is based solely in the United States.


Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns related to our games or policies, you may contact user support at


This privacy policy does not apply to any third party links, websites, forums or games.