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Kitty Code, LLC is a privately owned startup in Orlando, FL, which writes innovative applications for hand held devices. With over 50 combined years of experience in weather, web technologies and game development we are able to create games and applications which are robust, fun to play, technically savvy and yet easy to use.

Traveler's Quest App Icon, a stylized red X on a yellow background which fades out from the center to a red orange color with wrinkles like parchment.

Traveler’s Quest

Traveler’s Quest is an original GPS Game, and a must-have iPhone classic. Join over 35,000 players in the world-wide virtual treasure hunt!

Great fun! This is such a fun app! Particularly if you travel a lot! It’s fun when you’re going on a road trip to see what new treasures you can find and bring home with you. And how long you keep your treasures buried in different obscure areas. We do this as a family and it’s so much fun to share! Also, admin are very responsive and helpful when you have any issues. Try it, you will LOVE it!” 

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