iPhoneFootPrint Review: Hurricane turns your iPhone into a cutting edge storm tracker

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Hurricane turns your iPhone into a cutting edge storm tracker

With the iPhone moving beyond gaming, music, Wi-Fi, lifestyle and entertainment, a new series of apps are emerging. For instance, with the help of some innovative apps, you can now track the tremors of the earth or, if you are living near the Hurricane Alley, you can chase the progress of Hurricane Ike.

This year, if you have an iPhone and internet connectivity, you can now track the trajectories of [Nickolas, Grace, Bill, Rose] and others when the Atlantic warms up during the hurricane season.

By making smart use of the iPhone’s unique capabilities, Kitty Code has now turned the iPhone into one sleek storm tracker. With this app in your iPhone, you will be able to keep track of hurricanes right from the time they originate in the Atlantic to the time when they smash coastal America.

Information organization: The interface makes this potentially complex app very easy to use. The vast information is organized under three simple categories – Hurricanes, Past Hurricanes and Satellite. You need the Internet for using the first and third features. However, the second feature, the scrollable hurricane memoranda does not need any connectivity. Just see it and check the history of storms that have hit in the past.

Storm Data: Once you open the app it will feed in live data to your iPhone from satellites. The storm data will be displayed with the along with the satellite image and the Saffir-Simpson Scale. Hurricane activities in the Atlantic, Caribbean sea, Gulf of Mexico and Northeast Pacific are [currently] covered in this app.

Interactive map: The interactive map allows the user to navigate between different tracks and plots, latitudes and longitudes, wind speed, wind pressure, time, intensity and most importantly, the path of the hurricane. Just tap along on the right and left arrows to track any particular hurricane track and its speed at various points along its path.

Plus the app also provides a detailed list of the following features:

1. Forecast Image Maps
2. Tropical Outlooks, Summaries & Discussions
3. Storm Bulletin
4. Storm Forecast/Advisory
5. Storm Discussion
6. Storm Probabilities

An interesting goody: However, all of that is for tracking current storms. What if you want to know about the stormy history of say, Ike? For that, the app provides something special for storm chasers and interested people – a storm archive dating back to 1851. This archive works offline and provides the details of every unrest in the Hurricane alley in a chronological archive.

Great interface, terrific navigational facilities and the ease of tracking hurricanes activities from your iPhone. I think this app will be of great help during the hurricane season this year.

TUAW Hurricane Review

First Look: Hurricane iPhone is heading your way
by Steven Sande on Jan 27th 2009

The aptly-titled Hurricane from Kitty Code, LLC is chock-full of hurricane data. Not only do you get up-to-the minute info on tropical storms gone bad, but you can also look at historical information and storm tracks for just about every storm that has been recorded since 1851.

The chances of having a hurricane hit Colorado are infinitesimal, but I still have this app loaded on my iPhone because I do a lot of travel to areas that are in hurricane zones. Hurricane is available for US$3.99 and is worth a look if you live in a coastal area.