Kitty Code CEO Ilene Jones Helps Newsweek Readers Understand What It Takes To Build A Better Smart Phone App…

When Ilene saw the tweet from her friend of 20 years about an article for an unnamed source, she shrugged, said what the heck and responded. Opportunities like this are passed by every day, by most people because they don’t see the value in putting themselves out there and taking a chance. Continue reading

Hurricane HD Now Available in the iTunes App Store!

The release of the iPad last April brought with it the release of Hurricane HD in the iTunes App Store. Hurricane tracking is an important part of life for those in the way of these devastating storms, and as such, we were recognized by TUAW in their First Look Feature back in April 2010. We would like to graciously thank them for their help in getting the word out about this great tool!

New Players Wanted!

If you are new to Traveler’s Quest and are also a member of Facebook, why not become a fan and follow with your fellow players? We have a great community of players sharing all sorts of information about game play, tips and tricks, as well as what they would like to see in the next versions of the game. We are listening and participating too, so stop by and join in!