iTunes Rewind 2010: Spotlights Hurricane HD, Hurricane

iTunes Rewind 2010: iPhone Apps spotlights Hurricane in the Weather Category. With over 300,000 apps in the app store, it is an amazing feat to be selected in the short list of the best of the best.

Hurricane HD Starts in the Top 100 Paid Apps List

Hurricane HD started it’s iPad career in the Top 100 Paid App List in iTunes on Thursday, even before iPads are available for sale. Helped by the TUAW article highlighting the features of this in depth hurricane tracking application, and video produced by Kitty Code’s CEO, Ilene Jones, Hurricane HD has made a great start and is expected to continue this trend as hurricane season nears.

2009 Best App Ever Awards

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Kitty Code, LLC seeks nomination in the 2009 Best App Ever Awards and needs your help! Please help nominate Hurricane and Traveler’s Quest using the links provided on the attached page, or select your own categories! Please share this too! THANK YOU!

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