Traveler’s Quest 4.0: Getting Your Sea Legs

20120713-131313.jpg The main point of Sea Legs was to help with players who have other players near by, whom they don’t want to see maps for. This is usually husband/wife/significant others/family members who are playing with one another, but don’t want to pillage one another. You cannot see the other crew member’s treasures, but you can still trade through the store as you could before. It is still an insecure way to trade, which means there is a chance that another player may nab your goodies before the trade is complete.
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Traveler’s Quest celebrates 500,000 Treasures

Here at Kitty Code, like most companies, we like to celebrate great achievements. This week’s great achievement was our landmark delivery of the 500,000th treasure in Traveler’s Quest, our GPS driven virtual treasure hunting game. We celebrated the achievement with a long running “guess the date” contest on Facebook, run by “Late Red” one of our most active social players in the UK. Continue reading

Traveler’s Quest Is Celebrating The Holidays!

Celebrate the holidays with us in Traveler’s Quest! We have a great collection of items again this holiday season, and a friendly Facebook competition to see who can collect all of the items before they go away. Every competition needs a prize, and our prize is a Pirate Pack of Doubloons!

Join in on the fun, and play with us today!

Celebrating Halloween in Traveler’s Quest

One of the coolest things about Traveler’s Quest is our limited edition collections. This year, we are celebrating Halloween with an original Halloween 2011 Limited Edition Collection, available now through October 31, 2011. What’s even better is that our wonderful gnomes are putting in overtime right now to make sure you have a very good chance of completing this rare collection! Make sure to join us through Halloween, and collect as many of these pieces as you can!

In addition to the Halloween 2011 achievement, we’re also offering a special prize to our players on our Facebook page, so join our great community of players there for some extra fun where you can share your achievements, find other players near and far, and even arrange trades with other local players! Anything is possible in this very dynamic game, with it’s fantastic players!

We look forward to celebrating Halloween with you!

The Kitty Code, Traveler’s Quest Team

Traveler’s Quest 3.0 – Complete with Message In A Bottle

Traveler’s Quest 3.0 was just released with a lot of great new features, including Message In A Bottle, our way to send messages between players. Leave a message on your buried treasure map for others to find, or leave a message of thanks for a treasure plundered! The entertainment value for these messages is great – good natured rivalries can now be found in game, for those who have other players near by. You know you’ll want to join in the fun, and earn the new achievements that go along with playing with the Message In A Bottle!

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