Here at Kitty Code, we create apps that we enjoy using.


Hurricane Pro and HD

We created two apps that dive into the details of hurricane tracking.  Our home state of Florida has a history of being afflicted by many a storm, from the 1935 Labor Day hurricane to Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Wilma in 2005 and the great crossing of Charlie, Ivan and Jeanne in 2004. These well known  hurricane names do not take into account the tropical storms and depressions that leave severe flooding in their wake like Sandy, Debbi and Fay have. We are passionate about hurricane tracking, and our apps were created to help us keep track of the storms while one the go. Pick up Hurricane Pro and Hurricane HD in the App Store today!

Traveler’s Quest

Traveler’s Quest is our awesome GPS Treasure Hunting game. Released in 2009, Traveler’s Quest has set the standard for longevity in a GPS game setting. With your trusty treasure detector, your objective is to find treasures in the real world, complete treasure collections and bury those extra treasures to earn gold and level up. Traveler’s Quest is not for the feint at heart – your buried treasures can be pillaged by other players in the game. Not to worry though, because you can pillage theirs as well! Have local friends playing the game too? Join their ship and become part of the crew! The ships upgrade will allow you to play with your friends and family without seeing their buried treasures which is great for preventing accidental plundering of your friends and family.

Cat Calls

Cat Calls is a cute soundboard app which simply plays cat sounds to go with each image on the screen. This app is strictly for entertainment, because we have cats and love to see our cats reactions to these silly sounds. Have small children or dogs? Their reactions are priceless as well.