National Hurricane Conference and Storm Surge

With 21 days to go until the Northeast Pacific Hurricane season begins, and 38 days until the Atlantic Hurricane Season begins, it is time to make sure you are prepared.

April 6-10 was the National Hurricane Conference. This year it was held in Austin, Texas and covered a lot of great information including specifics about Ivan and it’s effects on the people of Texas. One of the major subjects of discussion was the Saffir-Simpson scale. Some say that the scale does not accurately portray the storm surge of a hurricane. I feel that the real problem is the lack of understanding of storms which are very strong (major) while out in the Gulf of Mexico, but weaken as they come closer to land. Continue reading

Mexico App Store: Hurricane Top Paid Weather App

Every so often we go through the varous app stores to see where Hurricane ranks among the paid apps, as well as over all. It’s a manual process, but very much worth the time it takes. In today’s view, Mexico gave us a very cool surprise – Hurricane is listed as the #1 Paid App in the Weather category!

  #1 Mexico
  #3 Argentina
  #8 United States
 #11 Canada

Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen!