Hurricane Pro 4.3 – Updated with great new features!

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In June, version 4.0 of Hurricane was released, also receiving a new name – Hurricane Pro. With this update, Hurricane Pro 4.0 added some some great new features, as well as an all new layout and design. While Hurricane Pro looks very different, it contains all of the same information Hurricane provided previously. Features which were hidden like Radar, Forecast Models, Sea Surface Temps, Outlooks and Discussions are now easily found in the navigation menu. Now you can find preparedness information, Storm Names, the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale and Tropical Cyclone FAQs in the same easy to find menu.

This year we’ve once again updated our past storms list, updated our preparedness information, tweaked our layout to make everything flow even better, and we’ve added in more Satellites and Radar than before! Hurricane Pro provides the most detail available out of any other Hurricane Tracker out there. Now with our updated layout, all of the features we’ve added in over the years are even easier to find.

We hope you take a moment to look around the app before hurricane season starts. You will find that this one great app also helps you watch severe weather while you are on the go too! Listen to your local NWS Weather Radio station and view radar imagery. It’s all there, just waiting for you!

Thank you for tracking the storms with us over the last 5 years!