Hurricane Pro – We are listening!

We are listening!  Hurricane Pro is changing to a similar format to the previous version, and keeping the speed for those that want to skip right to the map.

Hurricane Pro's storm list page is changing in 4.2. The information is larger, and tapping on the storm name will take you to our Storm Info page. But if you like that new menu, just swipe across the details and you'll get the quick menu!

In the new version, we are changing the storm list slightly, making the information larger.  Did you know that you can tap on the Outlook graphic to get detailed outlook information on the current area you’re watching?  Swipe the outlook graphic “back” to see our highlights – usually watches and warnings, but could be anything we feel may be important to you.  You can also swipe the outlook graphic forward to get more information – If there is an invest, you can see the percent chance it has of forming on the satellite map provided by the NHC.  These graphics are independent of the list, but give a very quick view of what is going on in the area that is important to you!

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