Follow Friday and Emergency Managers

Being a part of the community that needs to get important information out to every day people is a huge responsibility. Trying to get that information out in the most direct way possible is always a large undertaking as well, but there are ways for us to take a moment to share important resources with one another.

When a crisis is happening @CraigatFEMA does a lot of retweeting of important information. What if the sources of that information were shared each Friday as a #FF tweet? It would take a few minutes, and would create a web of accounts for people to follow. If the accounts are descriptive enough, it will be very easy to decipher who belongs where… An example would be:

#FF Central FL #SMEM @NWSTampaBay @PinellasEM @NWSMelbourne @BrevardEOC @OrangeCountyEOC

By adding the surrounding emergency management accounts, and those accounts adding their surrounding accounts, it enables everyone to not only connect, but share the information you’re trying to get out.

I tried to start this today, but hope that if not today, then next Friday we can start this ball rolling and really get connected with our communities.

Please take a moment to share this information with other emergency managers that you know so that we can ensure that everyone knows how to get the official information for their areas.