Hurricane 3.7 – iOS 5 Ready!

Hurricane 3.7 was released with little fan fair, but had some great new features, and a few updates that really make our world class hurricane tracking application shine!

Improved News

Hurricane also includes an improved news feed, giving you even more details about upcoming storms from the professionals you trust. Our news feed also includes video updates from the team, as well as news and weather feeds from around the world, when they’re available.

Improved Storm List

While Hurricane has always told you when the last official bulletin was updated by the National Hurricane Center, or Joint Typhoon Warning Center, the storm list now helps more novice storm trackers understand exactly what they’re looking at by adding in “The Last Official Update” time and date stamp.

In addition to this, we have also added in the lifespan of the storm to the Final Bulletin area of our storm list. This allows you to see the dates of the storms at a glance, and helps you find that past storm you were looking for much quicker and easier. Playing Hurricane Trivia? Make sure you use Hurricane to help you find that storm the fastest!

The best addition to our storm list though was the addition of the “pull down to refresh list” functionality. This feature was added in 3.6, however many may not realize why the “refresh button” went away. This neat feature, found only on the Active Storm List will refresh all storm basins from any of the 3 available storm basins (Atlantic, East Pacific, World), allowing you to ensure you have the latest information available.

Server Side Updates

We have also improved the server side of our app. Hurricane has steadily grown over the last 4 seasons, and with that comes the need to add more servers to handle the workload of all of our users. While we’ve added more servers in the past, this latest version handles the servers a bit more elegantly and allows us to serve you better when storms are near.

iOS 5 Compatible

Of course Hurricane has been tested and used extensively with iOS 5. Hurricane is available for sale in the iTunes App Store, and is free to upgrade to current customers running iOS 4.2 or greater.