New Features in Hurricane 3.6

Hurricane 3.6 features forecast Wind Field Radius

We have a lot of really great features in Hurricane 3.6, but one of the most exciting features is the addition of forecast wind field radius. Most of us have seen the text from the National Hurricane Center that says how far from the center hurricane, tropical storm, and tropical depression force winds extend from the center of the storm.

RED – Hurricane
ORANGE – Tropical Storm
YELLOW – Tropical Depression

Hurricane is a feature packed, professional quality hurricane tracking application that gives you everything you need to stay ahead of the storm. Here are just SOME of our features:

WORLD WIDE Broadcast Quality
Interactive Tracking Maps

• wind speed, lat/lon, speed/direction, pressure, date and time
• your distance from ★ each point ★
• standard / metric units ★ New

Interactive 5 Day Forecast Cone ★ Exclusive ★
• each forecast point’s: location, wind speed, pressure, distance
• Forecast Point Wind Radius ★ New Exclusive

Active Storm data and imagery
• ANIMATED Floater Satellites ★ Exclusive ★
• ANIMATED Regional and Local Radar ★ Exclusive ★
• Computer Models
• NHC, CPHC and JTWC Text Products/Bulletins, Forecasts and Charts, Hurricane Local Statements
• Invests in Active Storm List
• Pull down to refresh Active Storm List ★ New

General Features
• Push notifications
• Over 50 Animated WORLD WIDE satellite image loops ★ Exclusive ★
• Animated US Regional and Territory Radar
• Tropical Outlooks ★ Invest ★ – updated with official NHC/JTWC info
• Sea Surface Temperatures, SAL
• Storm Names
• Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale
• Help / FAQ with Preparedness Info and more!
• Twitter Feed ★ New
• News / Video Updates ★ New