TUAW and MacTech interview with Kitty Code

WWDC was a great experience for us here at Kitty Code. Our CEO Ilene Jones took the trip, had a great time learning at the sessions, seeing Steve Jobs in person for the first time, and meeting with other developers like Mike Wolfenbarger just one developer of RadarScope, Ross Kimes developer of StormSpotter as well as Dylan and Dustin Bruzenak of AppViz analytics app for the Mac. The time we spent IRL (In Real Life) was great. It was especially interesting to talk about our beginnings, since we have all been writing apps for iOS devices since 2008, and hear the perspectives of others in our small weather app community. There were others we hoped to see, but alas, it was not meant to be.

While in San Francisco, we also had the opportunity to meet with Neil Ticktin, Editor-in-Chief of MacTech Magazine and TUAW’s own Editor-in-Chief Victor Agreda, Jr. We had a short video interview about our apps, which mostly focused on our virtual geocaching game Traveler’s Quest.

TUAW: WWDC Interview with Kitty Code
MacTech: WWDC Interview with Kitty Code

Hurricane HD 2.0 – The Definition of Excellence in iPad Storm Tracking

Orlando, Florida – Kitty Code, LLC announces a major update for Hurricane Season 2011 to Hurricane HD for the iPad, and Hurricane for the iPhone.

With an area of interest already being watched off of the eastern seaboard of the US, we have a stark reminder that Hurricane Season is here, and it’s time to be prepared. Forecasters expect another busy Atlantic Hurricane Season, and for people with an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad, there’s no better way to stay informed than with Kitty Code’s Hurricane and Hurricane HD apps.

Hurricane HD has received a major update for 2011 with many features to keep you informed. The newly updated tracking map now allows for the display of multiple tropical systems simultaneously, while the Hurricane HD Historic Storm Library gives you access to memorable storms of the past and can be displayed along side current storms within the tracking map. With the new Storm Center, active storm bulletins, forecasts, satellites and radar are all at your finger tips, along with the ability to play through storm tracks. Hurricane HD now also includes push notifications, giving you the ability to stay up to date with whats happening in the tropics anytime day or night.

Hurricane for the iPhone and iPod Touch has been updated to include world tropical cyclone, typhoon and hurricane tracking on the interactive tracking map. Hurricane is the first application of its kind to cover tropical systems around the world. We’ve also added push notifications to keep you informed of any critical developments.
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