Hurricane HD 2.0 – The Definition of iPad Storm Tracking

Hurricane HD 2.0 tracking former Super Typhoon Songda

Hurricane HD 2.0, the highly anticipated update to our flagship Hurricane HD product was released to the App Store today. Hurricane HD 2.0 has been rewritten from the ground up and now tracks not only storms in the Atlantic, East Pacific and Central Pacific, but also includes the West Pacific, South Pacific and Indian Oceans on the same map! Active storms are added to the tracking map automatically, and now you can add multiple storms to the map, to track current storms, compare past storm tracks to a current storm and more! A world of new information has been brought to your fingertips. In addition, the tracking maps have received a great update, adding a storm center with all of the pertinent storm information available in a single location, as well as the ability to switch between standard and metric units. All of the information you need available at a glance.
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Hurricane 3.5 – The update you’ve been waiting for

Super Typhoon Songda tracked by Hurricane on the iPhone

The long awaited Hurricane 3.5 is finally here, and has some great new features inside. One of the biggest features is the addition of world tracking maps, and bringing all of the information for storms in the West Pacific, South Pacific and Indian Oceans into the same UI as the Atlantic, East Pacific and Central Pacific have enjoyed.

In addition to the great new world tracking maps, we have also added push notifications into the mix, letting you know when a new storm forms.

As with each of our yearly releases, the 2010 data has been moved into the past storms list so you can easily browse through all of the data for each storm.

If you already have Hurricane on your iPhone or iPod Touch, or just want to talk with others who are also tracking hurricanes, feel free to join us on our Facebook Page, where we will be discussing storms, preparedness and other information all season long! Hurricane 3.5 is available in the iTunes App Store now.

Traveler’s Quest 3.0 – Complete with Message In A Bottle

Traveler’s Quest 3.0 was just released with a lot of great new features, including Message In A Bottle, our way to send messages between players. Leave a message on your buried treasure map for others to find, or leave a message of thanks for a treasure plundered! The entertainment value for these messages is great – good natured rivalries can now be found in game, for those who have other players near by. You know you’ll want to join in the fun, and earn the new achievements that go along with playing with the Message In A Bottle!

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Traveler’s Quest 2.6+ Beta

Traveler's Quest LogoAt this time we are working very hard on finalizing our next version of Traveler’s Quest.  We have put the app through the paces, and with the help of some really great international beta testers, we have been able to squash some really annoying crashing bugs.

We are working on final builds now, and should have the next release ready within the next few weeks, and to Apple ASAP.  If you’re having any problems with our app, please let us know!

Thank you for your patience while we make Traveler’s Quest the best GPS game ever!