TUAW Hurricane Review

First Look: Hurricane iPhone is heading your way
by Steven Sande on Jan 27th 2009

The aptly-titled Hurricane from Kitty Code, LLC is chock-full of hurricane data. Not only do you get up-to-the minute info on tropical storms gone bad, but you can also look at historical information and storm tracks for just about every storm that has been recorded since 1851.

The chances of having a hurricane hit Colorado are infinitesimal, but I still have this app loaded on my iPhone because I do a lot of travel to areas that are in hurricane zones. Hurricane is available for US$3.99 and is worth a look if you live in a coastal area.

Orlando Sentinel on iPhone App Developers in Orlando

We made the cover of the Orlando Sentinel Business section! This is an image taken from the Orlando Sentinel Business section on Monday, January 19:

Read the rest Orlando Sentinel site.

Here is a blog entry about the article.

Congratulations to the other App Devs in Orlando that were also part of the article!

iPTIB shops the App Store: Hurricane and Hurricanes

iPTIB shops the App Store: Hurricane and Hurricanes

In the meantime, if you absolutely want a standalone app that tracks and offers information on hurricanes and tropical storms, I do recommend you look at Hurricane. It does not appear to cover the Pacific, but I’m still verifying that. But for the Atlantic basin, Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico, this app has my vote.