Hurricane Pro v4.5 includes Push notifications, world tracking and a whole lot more. We are no longer supporting versions prior to 4.0, to update:

  • visit Hurricane Pro™ in iTunes
  • tap the price
  • tap buy
  • if prompted login to iTunes
  • iTunes will then let you know that you have already purchased this item, and ask you if you would like to download it for free; answer yes, and the update will install

That’s it! If you have any technical questions about this process, please contact Apple, as we have no ability to control this process. If you are unsure which iTunes account you purchased Hurricane with, please check your iTunes receipts, or contact Apple for verification.

Some of our customers have had problems with receiving multiple push notifications. This seems to be an issue with Apple’s servers holding on to multiple keys for your device. The best way to fix this issue is to turn off push notifications for 24 hours, and then turn them back on. The 24 hours part is VERY important, because it takes that long for their servers to clear your keys so that they can be reset.

Hurricane Pro 4.5 has a rotation issue which we are working to resolve. When opening Hurricane Pro, be sure to open it in Portrait mode (upright, like an iPhone). iPads and larger iPhones which can be rotated to wide screen mode may have an issue if you open Hurricane Pro in the new Wide Screen mode. To fix this, close Hurricane Pro completely by double tapping on the home button, then in the multi-tasking menu, swipe Hurricane Pro up and off the screen. Now rotate your device to hold it in portrait mode (like you would normally hold an iPhone) and open the app. It now opens properly. We are working on a fix for this issue, but in the mean time, hope this will help you better use the app.

Don’t forget to write a quick review in the iTunes store! Those reviews help us keep a great deal of forward momentum going on our apps! We watch our reviews religiously as well, and the feedback is important to us, even if we can’t respond directly to them through the App Store.