Hurricane Express v1.1 includes Push notifications, and a whole lot more. If you are on an older version of Hurricane Express prior to 1.1, you may not see “update” in iTunes for this version, however if you have purchased Hurricane Express, the update is still free – as long as you use the same account you originally used to purchase Hurricane Express.To update:

  • visit Hurricane Express in iTunes
  • tap the price
  • tap buy
  • if prompted login to iTunes
  • iTunes will then let you know that you have already purchased this item, and ask you if you would like to download it for free; answer yes, and the update will install

That’s it! If you have any technical questions about this process, please contact Apple, as we have no ability to control this process. If you are unsure which iTunes account you purchased Hurricane with, please check your iTunes receipts, or contact Apple for verification.

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