Hurricane is filled with over 150 years of hurricane track information. Below are just a few images of the offered images available.

Current Year

Get to the information you need quickly and easily! Active storms are listed at the top with their current status and last update date and time. Completed storms are listed right below with their greatest strength achieved.

Storm Map

Every storm in the menu gets an interactive map with plots added as new data becomes availble. Move through the plots using the white left and right arrows. As you walk through the storm plots, the storm icon changes to show intensity, and the wind speeds for each plot are shown under the moving hurricane icon. At the bottom of the window, the position, time, date, pressure and movement direction all change with each plot.

Storm Map

Our interactive storm map currently covers from the east Atlantic to the Central Pacific, including the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and East Pacific, and from the southeastern edge of Canada to northern South America.

Past Storms

Pick any year from last season to as far back as 1851 in the Atlantic, and as far back as 1949 in the Pacific

Past Storm Year

Same menu layout as the current year menu, select a storm to view the map!

Past Storm Map

View tracks, and track data right on the map! See where historical storms hit land and how bad they really were.

Map Mode

Tap the Mode button on the map to switch from the blue marble background to the original Google Maps street view background. All the information you need, in they way you prefer to see it.

Storm Centered Floating Satellites

Easy to find storm centered satellite images and more can be found from the Storm Info page.

Data Feed

Organization is key! Satellites, Text Bulletins, and an explanation of the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale at your fingertips.

Satellite Images

Satellites that are anything but ordinary! Animated Satellite Image Loops, Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook, Hurricane Alley, color enhanced satellite, sea surface temperatures, and so much more!