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Welcome iPad users to Hurricane HD™ 3.0! Hurricane Season in the Atlantic is almost here again, and Hurricane HD is here to help you be prepared for tracking that first storm! Built on the foundation of Hurricane™, and expanded for the features available with the iPad, Hurricane HD gives you all of the information you need while on the go.


  • World Wide Interactive Tracking Map with storm data, generated on your device as it becomes available, throughout the hurricane season.
  • The newly updated tracking map now allows for the display of multiple tropical systems simultaneously, while the Hurricane HD Historic Storm Library gives you access to memorable storms of the past and can be displayed along side current storms within the tracking map.
  • With the new Storm Center, active storm bulletins, forecasts, satellites and radar are all at your finger tips, along with the ability to play through storm tracks
  • Use the Historic Storm Library to learn more about past hurricanes like Camile, Hugo, Andrew and Katrina, just to name a few. All hurricanes back to 1851 in the Atlantic, and 1949 in the Pacific are available!
  • Internet Connection required to receive new plots and view new satellite pages and text bulletins.
  • Tropical Outlooks, Discussions and Summaries produced by the National Hurricane Center (NHC), Central Pacific Hurricane Center (CPHC) and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC)
  • Each ACTIVE storm has:
    • Storm Centered Satellite Images
    • Forecast Image Maps
    • Tropical Bulletins from the NHC, CPHC and JTWC:
      • Storm Bulletin
      • Storm Forecast/Advisory
      • Storm Discussion
      • Storm Probabilities (NHC/CPHC)
    • Radar (when available/within radar range)
  • Satellites which contains:
    • Generic satellite images and satellite loops
    • All Satellite views updated throughout the hurricane season, and updated to current imagery as they become available.
  • News which contains:
    • News feed of events and information pertaining to hurricane season, and current storms.
  • Data Feed which contains
    • Frequently Asked Questions.
    • Detailed explanation of the Saffir-Simpson Scale.
    • Outlooks, Sea Surface Temperatures and bulletins for each area

*Atlantic Basin includes the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf Of Mexico, Caribbean and surrounding areas.
*Northeast Pacific Basin includes the west coast of North America – US west coast, Mexico, Central America and Hawaii
*World includes the West Pacific (including Japan, Phillipines, Guam, etc), South Pacific, Indian Ocean and the remainder of the Southern Hemisphere as designated by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

This application is great for:

  • anyone with interests in hurricane, typhoon or tropical cyclone affected areas of the world
  • anyone interested in severe weather or meteorology
  • studying tropical system history
  • sailing, boating, diving and other water sport enthusiasts
  • travelers to the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, Northeast Pacific Ocean, Hawaii, Guam, Philippines, Australia and more!

Hurricane HD, the definition of excellence in iPad storm tracking.

Minimum Requirements:

iPad or iPad 2 with iOS 3.2 or later

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What are People Saying About Hurricane?

  • Apps share similarities, but Hurricane HD, Hurricane stand out from this pack Rated Four Mice by Macworld - If you’re looking for something a bit fancier, though, the winner of this small pack of apps is for , and its well-designed iPhone counterpart, . - Jeff Merron,
  • “Gorgeous App…” This app is a fine example of why you'd pay more for an "HD" version of an iPhone app. The maps are just gorgeous on the iPad. The loops are terrific on the larger screen, and I don't have to scroll around and squint and zoom to see the information I need...great source of concise to the point Hurricane information... - StarStone, US App Store Customer
  • "A good app became even better!" With the June 2 upgrade this app has become one of the most useful to have during hurricane season. If the worst happens, it will be easy to keep up with the necessary information, even on the road.- LJ Shopper, US App Store Customer

Important Notes

We strive to make Hurricane HD the best possible hurricane tracking application for your device, however we do not presently have every feature we would like to implement in the application. We started with the Atlantic Basin, and have expanded to the Northeast Pacific (North American West Coast) and the Central Pacific. Next will be the West Pacific, South Pacific and Indian Ocean. If you have questions about the area we cover, please contact us before purchasing. We cannot guarantee that our product is the right one for you, as no single application is perfect for everyone. Please do not base life altering decisions on this application! Always verify with an official source!