Hurricane HD – New and Noteworthy

Hurricane HD for the iPad has made a phenomenal splash with it’s June 1st update. Listed in the New and Noteworthy on the iTunes App Store home page, and What’s Hot in the Weather Category Hurricane HD has made a very quick rise to the top of the category, as well as to the upper reaches of the iTunes Top Paid iPad Apps list landing at #35 by the end of the day on Friday June 4th. Continue reading “Hurricane HD – New and Noteworthy”

Hurricane HD Now Available in the iTunes App Store!

The release of the iPad last April brought with it the release of Hurricane HD in the iTunes App Store. Hurricane tracking is an important part of life for those in the way of these devastating storms, and as such, we were recognized by TUAW in their First Look Feature back in April 2010. We would like to graciously thank them for their help in getting the word out about this great tool!

2009 Best App Ever Awards

Would you like to help nominate Hurricane and Traveler’s Quest for the Best App Ever? We knew you would! Please click on these links to help us show the world what you already know, Kitty Code creates the best apps ever! We would have tried to include Cat Calls, but there were no options for an app with the cutest kitties ever 😀 There aren’t many categories where a hurricane tracking application can fit in, after all, who really cares about your safety anyway right? 😀 Below are the categories that we feel our apps fit into. If you feel they fit in other categories, please feel free to nominate away! Continue reading “2009 Best App Ever Awards”

Traveler’s Quest Game For The iPhone Released

Friday November 27, 2009 – Orlando, Florida – Kitty Code, LLC is excited to announce their latest game title, Traveler’s Quest, a completely new and innovative approach to treasure hunting and geo caching.

Traveler’s Quest uses the iPhone’s built in GPS to help you find virtual treasure in the real world.

Traveler’s Quest is great for traveling around town, or around the world. Make errands or trips around town more interesting; bury treasures anywhere for other players to find. While buried, your treasure earns gold which can be used in the in-game store to buy maps, treasure or upgrades enhancing your treasure hunting experience.

Compete with players around the world and become a treasure hunting legend; take your place on the in-game leaderboards.

Traveler’s Quest is a phenomenal casual game that will have you checking for treasures wherever you go! If you can get there, you can bury a treasure there, and dig one up too! Unlike GeoCaching, there are no physical treasures to find and put back. The treasures are virtual, giving you the ability to collect as any as you want or bury them anywhere. Using the GPS, get as close as you can to a treasure before digging it up and get bonus gold for accuracy!

Around town or around the world, Traveler’s Quest is sure to be a game you come back to play!


  • Built in GPS treasure detector show when hidden treasures are right under your feet
  • GPS enabled treasure maps that take you right to the prize
  • A trophy room to fill with your pilfered treasures
  • Bury treasures of your own and collect gold for each day the treasure goes undiscovered.
  • Treasures buried or located far from their origination point receive extra bonuses
  • Sell maps to your buried treasures; collect gold for each sale
  • News updates show who’s after your treasures and how well you have hidden your treasures
  • Cash in or trade you treasures for gold, points or treasure hunting upgrades at the Traveler’s Quest store
  • Fully Online Multiplayer
  • Leaderboard shows how you match up against the greatest treasure hunters in the game!
  • World wide support, if you can go there, you can hunt and bury treasure there!

Minimum Requirements:
iPhone 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Traveler’s Quest is only $3.99 (USD) and available exclusively through Apple’s App Store. More information about Traveler’s Quest can be found at the official Traveler’s Quest website.

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