Cat Calls – The kitties get an update!

Cat Calls has been updated to add some cool effects which are only available through the iPhone/iPod Touch 3.0 update. With this update the cute kitties remain the same, but when you shake the device, the cute kitty sound shuffles. Will we purr at you, or will we be that evil scary cat? Only your device knows for sure! Shake even more to get multiple cats going at the same time! This update is sure to amuse you and your friends!

Hurricane Season – Set to begin!

Friday May 15, 2009 marked the beginning of the season in the Northeast Pacific, and June 1, 2009 marked the beginning of the season in the Atlantic and Central Pacific Oceans.

Now is a great time to get prepared! Don’t wait until it’s too late – stay informed at any time, from anywhere with Hurricane for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With tracks mapped on your device, text bulletins, and a full bag of all the satellite images, NHC maps, plots and charts you can think of, this application has it all. Are you an avid tracker? Continue reading “Hurricane Season – Set to begin!”

Getting Prepared For Hurricane Season

Today marks the start of the 2009 Northeast Pacific Hurricane Season.

Living in Central Florida, we have another 15 days to wait until the Atlantic Hurricane Season begins, but we have done a few things to prepare already. A few months ago, we wrote an article asking Are you prepared? which gives you a general, getting started list, as well as common sense tips and tricks that people who have lived in Hurricane prone areas should already know. Continue reading “Getting Prepared For Hurricane Season”

National Hurricane Conference and Storm Surge

With 21 days to go until the Northeast Pacific Hurricane season begins, and 38 days until the Atlantic Hurricane Season begins, it is time to make sure you are prepared.

April 6-10 was the National Hurricane Conference. This year it was held in Austin, Texas and covered a lot of great information including specifics about Ivan and it’s effects on the people of Texas. One of the major subjects of discussion was the Saffir-Simpson scale. Some say that the scale does not accurately portray the storm surge of a hurricane. I feel that the real problem is the lack of understanding of storms which are very strong (major) while out in the Gulf of Mexico, but weaken as they come closer to land. Continue reading “National Hurricane Conference and Storm Surge”