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Hurricane Pro 4.3 – Updated with great new features!

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In June, version 4.0 of Hurricane was released, also receiving a new name – Hurricane Pro. With this update, Hurricane Pro 4.0 added some some great new features, as well as an all new layout and design. While Hurricane Pro looks very different, it contains all of the same information Hurricane provided previously. Features which were hidden like Radar, Forecast Models, Sea Surface Temps, Outlooks and Discussions are now easily found in the navigation menu. Now you can find preparedness information, Storm Names, the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale and Tropical Cyclone FAQs in the same easy to find menu.

This year we’ve once again updated our past storms list, updated our preparedness information, tweaked our layout to make everything flow even better, and we’ve added in more Satellites and Radar than before! Hurricane Pro provides the most detail available out of any other Hurricane Tracker out there. Now with our updated layout, all of the features we’ve added in over the years are even easier to find.

We hope you take a moment to look around the app before hurricane season starts. You will find that this one great app also helps you watch severe weather while you are on the go too! Listen to your local NWS Weather Radio station and view radar imagery. It’s all there, just waiting for you!

Thank you for tracking the storms with us over the last 5 years!

6th Best App Ever Awards

Best App Ever Contest icon This year Kitty Code was honored once again to be nominated for Best Weather App for Hurricane Pro and Best Location App for Traveler’s Quest in the Best App Ever awards contest, where their aim is to honor the best, not just the best selling. With over 1 million apps to choose from in the App Store now, it is harder than ever to get your apps in front of the people who would enjoy their use most.

We have pushed hard each year, making sure that our customers and players know that the contest is going on, because this is community based and without a community, you will not even make it past nomination. It was an amazing turn out this year!

Traveler’s Quest was not only nominated for Best Location-Based App this year, Traveler’s Quest also won Second Place! What an awesome, connected community of players we have that helped this wonderful game finally reach this level! Many of our players have been playing this game for over 4 years now, and we can’t express enough, how much our players truly make this game worth creating, working on and being a part of. Thank you to everyone who helped us reach second place!

For Best Weather App, Hurricane Pro received a great nomination and honorable mention once again from our awesome community. Considering the contest happens off season, when many of our customers are more interested in Skiing and other winter endeavours, it is great to know that we can get in there and still get the nomination! I am confident that we could win out right if this contest happened DURING hurricane season! Thank you to all of our customers who have been with us for 6 years, tracking the storms!

Best App Ever Contest – Nominations taking place now!

20120713-131313.jpgOnce again Hurricane and Traveler’s Quest are being nominated in the Best App Ever Awards! As you know, this is a people’s choice award and we couldn’t have been nominated with out your help!

Now that the nominations have been finalized, it’s time to vote for the best in each category. Hurricane has been nominated in the Weather category, and Traveler’s Quest has been nominated in the Best Location-Based App, Best Travel App and Most Addictive Game category.

We are competing with some really tough games and weather apps, and we can’t do it without your help! Can we take home one of these categories? You hold the key to success!

Please take a moment to vote for not only our apps, but also for the other apps competing for each category. There are lots of great apps that deserve recognition for the hard work they’ve put into their apps, so make sure you share the love!

Good luck to all of the apps, and thank you for helping Hurricane and Traveler’s Quest be the success that it is – without you, the apps would not be what they are so THANK YOU!

The Kitty Code Team

Hurricane Pro – We are listening!

We are listening!  Hurricane Pro is changing to a similar format to the previous version, and keeping the speed for those that want to skip right to the map.

Hurricane Pro's storm list page is changing in 4.2. The information is larger, and tapping on the storm name will take you to our Storm Info page. But if you like that new menu, just swipe across the details and you'll get the quick menu!

In the new version, we are changing the storm list slightly, making the information larger.  Did you know that you can tap on the Outlook graphic to get detailed outlook information on the current area you’re watching?  Swipe the outlook graphic “back” to see our highlights – usually watches and warnings, but could be anything we feel may be important to you.  You can also swipe the outlook graphic forward to get more information – If there is an invest, you can see the percent chance it has of forming on the satellite map provided by the NHC.  These graphics are independent of the list, but give a very quick view of what is going on in the area that is important to you!

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