Traveler’s Quest celebrates 500,000 Treasures

Here at Kitty Code, like most companies, we like to celebrate great achievements. This week’s great achievement was our landmark delivery of the 500,000th treasure in Traveler’s Quest, our GPS driven virtual treasure hunting game. We celebrated the achievement with a long running “guess the date” contest on Facebook, run by “Late Red” one of our most active social players in the UK. In addition we also ran a spur of the moment time contest which awarded doubloons to our 4 closest times left in the comments in the 24 hours prior to the actual drop time. Of course the receiver of our 500,000th treasure needed something to remember the event by, so we got together with our treasure gnomes and asked them to create something extra special! After much discussion, we decided a “Traveler’s Cake” would be the perfect item since it is the rarest of our Anniversary collection, which only dropped in November 2010 to celebrate our 1st anniversary as a game.

The official time for treasure 500,000 was July 6, 2012 at 07:00:37 am EDT – Miami, FL US

The winners of our Facebook Contests:

Winner of our 500,000 competition


Receiver of our “Traveler’s Cake”


Winners of our guess the time contest:

Chris Griffin: 7:37am EDT
Pilot TQ 8:00am
Gretchen Schulte 7:52 am
Tortie TQ: 6:00am EDT

Congratulations to all of our winners, and a great big THANK YOU! to all of our players who helped make this happen over the last 3.5 years. It has been an amazing ride, and couldn’t have happened without you!