Traveler’s Quest 4.0: Getting Your Sea Legs

20120713-131313.jpg The main point of Sea Legs was to help with players who have other players near by, whom they don’t want to see maps for. This is usually husband/wife/significant others/family members who are playing with one another, but don’t want to pillage one another. You cannot see the other crew member’s treasures, but you can still trade through the store as you could before. It is still an insecure way to trade, which means there is a chance that another player may nab your goodies before the trade is complete.

Since this team play is to assist you in NOT pillaging friends/family, you are more than welcome to pillage pirates on other ships. If you want to have a war/battle between ships, that is completely your (or your captain’s) call.

The ships are designed around team play, but you can disband a ship at any time, your captain can make their crew walk the plank, or crew members can go ashore any time. It is completely your call. Once you leave a crew, you must be approved by the captain to regain admittance back into that ship’s crew.

Any player can become captain of their own ship, and invite crew members aboard. However, you cannot be added to two ships as captain or crew. In other words, you can only belong to one ship at a time. You must leave your current ship to join another ship.

Each ship can have a total of 5 crew members.

A bonus of being on a ship is that you now have the ability to get onto the Ships leaderboards. These leader boards are the same as the individual leader boards, however the scores are the accumulated totals of the crew for each area. So for the Accuracy leader board, the total for your ship is the total accuracy of all of your crew members. The same holds true for all of the other leader boards.

There are specific achievements that you can gain by being a captain, or part of a crew. Some are easy to get, others are harder. The hardest will be the top of the leader boards, as the totals will only go up over time, especially as the players with higher scores gain ships and crews. Those players have the ability to help out other players who would otherwise not see their name on the in-game leader board for a very long time!