Avoid The Gallows!

Avoid the Gallows

“Avoid the gallows! Fair gameplay is one of Kitty Code’s top priorities! Any users found participating in any malicious, offensive or cheating behaviors will be permanently suspended from Traveler’s Quest”

In Traveler’s Quest we play by the rules. If you find a way to cheat, we will happily ban you from the game – automatically no less. Our regular and long time players appreciate this part of our process, even if our newer players do not… We warn our players with this notice the first time they enter the app, as they walk through the tutorial and accept our terms… If you use a jailbroken phone, make sure those extra features which will get you banned are turned off. This includes backgrounder, IAP Cracker, and other nefarious apps which would allow you to cheat the system. It is a slap in the face to every other player for [quite] a few bad apples to decide they are above the rules…

You have been warned.