Traveler’s Quest: Free For A Day

Tax Day - A little easier to swallow with Traveler's Quest - Free for a limited time!

Here in the US, every TAX paying American, naturalized or not, loathes Tax Day. We prepare for it for the first 3 months of the year, and are happy when April 15th comes and goes, sometimes giving back, but more often taking away our funds. We know it hurts, so we thought we would make this year’s tax burden a little easier to swallow by making Traveler’s Quest FREE for Tax Day.

Customarily, Tax day has always been on April 15th, however this year tax day is April 18th, so we thought we would spread some love for those days, and the weekend between! Yes, Traveler’s Quest is free from April 15th, 2011 through April 18, 2011. Please share the news with your friends, and lets all get out and hunt some treasure for fun, laughs and as something to do!

You will join us won’t you? Get off the couch, and out of the house… Play Traveler’s Quest with us today – We’re waiting for you!