Kitty Code CEO Ilene Jones Helps Newsweek Readers Understand What It Takes To Build A Better Smart Phone App…

When Ilene saw the tweet from her friend of 20 years about an article for an unnamed source, she shrugged, said what the heck and responded. Opportunities like this are passed by every day, by most people because they don’t see the value in putting themselves out there and taking a chance. Continue reading

The Games Industry is at a Crossroads…

Kitty Code’s own CTO Wendy Jones describes challenges and possibilities for future gaming on mobile platforms: Mobile’s Growth Is Shifting the Landscape of Game Development


Indeed, “with the increase in speed and power of mobile devices, the games industry is at a crossroads. Should they see mobile platforms as viable development platforms or continue to focus on their core user base?” says Wendy Jones, department chair of game development bachelor of science at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fla. She thinks mobile platforms provide the business with the chance to “expand their reach and grab the attention of more consumers by being delivered across platforms.”

Hurricane and Hurricane HD Awarded 4 mice by Macworld!

Kitty Code has received a wonderful reception from Macworld, one of the most influential reviewers of all things Apple, when they posted their review of Hurricane and Hurricane HD stating “Apps share similarities, but Hurricane HD, Hurricane stand out from this pack”.
Macworld Article: Hurricane tracking apps for iPhone and iPad.