Hurricane HD – New and Noteworthy

Hurricane HD for the iPad has made a phenomenal splash with it’s June 1st update. Listed in the New and Noteworthy on the iTunes App Store home page, and What’s Hot in the Weather Category Hurricane HD has made a very quick rise to the top of the category, as well as to the upper reaches of the iTunes Top Paid iPad Apps list landing at #35 by the end of the day on Friday June 4th.

We knew this update was going to be awesome for our users, and we can only be happy that Apple also chose to recognize not only our update, but that Hurricane HD is the best way to prepare for Hurricane Season.

News Feed

Hurricane HD contains not only tracking information, but also helpful preparedness information. With preparedness partners like The Great Hurricane Blow Out, Hurricane HD puts the information that the user needs in front of them every day on their News tab.

The news is not nearly as important as the preparedness information, so we have put that information at the top, to ensure that those people who want the information have a great way of finding it.

New Satellite Loops

The main feature of the Hurricane 1.2 update is the satellite loops for the Atlantic and Pacific. The loops moved away from Hurricane for the iPhone’s look, using features specific to the iPad to allow the satellite page to stay in the background while the satellite loops come forward into view – like a popup. Because the satellites are now chosen by a small icon, users can see what area they are going to be looking at rather than trying to understand what each area means. This feature makes it easier for weather novices to get the information they need as well.

This update may seem minor, but it’s one you definitely want to have!